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Peter Tsakonas

566 Rue Des Pétunias
566 Rue Des Pétunias
Laval, Quebec, H7X3H1


 16 AWARDS ! !
 By Royal Lepage
 3 Presiden's   GOLD

 3 Sales Achiv. Awards

By Anne Shears Laval 
2005,TOP Producer Award
2004,TOP Producer Award
2003,AGENT of the YEAR.
2002,AGENT of the YEAR.
2001,TOP Producer Award 
2000,AGENT of the YEAR.
1999,TOP Producer Award
1998, 100% CLUB  Award.
1997, Award of Excellence.
1996, AGENT of the YEAR.
1995, AGENT of the YEAR.

1983 -1994 Learning how!

**This succesful
track record in the 
33 years is a testi-
ment to the confi-
dence my clients
have shown me,
and to my ability
to meet their ne-
eds, year after

Welcome to Peter Tsakonas', Real Estate Broker, Website


A panorama of downtown Montreal


FRANCAIS   (Important de LIRE), (English will follow)..

** Je suis ici ,pour vous  donner le meilleur service pour vous aider à acheter ou vendre votre propriété de toutes catigories ou enterprise.
**J'ai meilleure expérience de 34 ans et le compétences pour NÉGOCIER une excellente affaire pour vous, votre famille et vos amis. 
** N'hésitez pas à me téléphoner  pour un opinion de valeur marchande
de votre propriété SANS FRAIS!!...
 ** je travail dans la région de Grand Montréal, Québec, Canada, les 
 Etats-Unis et d'autres payes et  J'ai une grande variété de propriétés à vous offrir et un grand chance de trouvé un acheteur d'exterieur pour votre propriété ou votre entreprise.
** J'ai une section exlusive pour les maisons deplus de 400.000$ de
marché locale pour presanter sur le marché International (Allemagne, Italie, Russie, Angleterre, France, Liban, Dubai, etc.)
**Le moment que votre propriété est entré dans mon Site-Web, est automaticment dans 15 a 30 Web-Sites Internationals.

Voir  plan a la fin de la page.

ENGLISH  (Important to READ.)
**I am here to give you the best service helping YOU to buy or sell your HOME or your property of all catigories or your business..........................
**Been in Real Estate since 1983,  I have best knowlege and full experience of the
Real Estate market and the 
skill to deliver a super deal for you, your Family and Friends.
**Feel free to call me for a FREE opinion of the value of your property.
**Working in the Greater Montreal area, all Quebec, Canada, USA and other countries, i have a great variety of properties to offer you and a great chance to find a buyer from outside of Quebec or from the exterior for your property or your business.....
***We have an exlusive section for residential homes of a market value of over $400.000 in the local market to offer them in the International market, (North+South America, Italy, France, England, Russia, Germany)
**The moment your property or business is entered in my Web-Site it is automatically entered in 15 to30 International Web-Sites as you see in the plan bellow..  





Search Industrial, Commercial & Investment Real Estate World Wide

Buyers for One Trillion Dollars 

$8 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease.

**We belong to a global real estate center for Haves and Wants of Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Financing and more.  If any of the listings interest you, or you would like to place your Haves and Wants, please feel free to give me a call. There are thousands of listings with hundreds of new listings coming in regularly.  Please feel free to visit often for new opportunities. Click Hereor on the banner.

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